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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This one time, I went to this place and did some stuff, and it was fun…

This is my official solicitation for ideas for interesting LA activities. Consider this your middle-school-style essay prompt:

My most favorite time I ever had in Los Angeles was when I was at/doing ___(blank)____.

Note: Answers in the form complete sentences and limited to experiences enjoyed while sober are greatly appreciated.

Just in case you find this blog entry a bit stranger than usual, perhaps you’d like an explanation for my sudden fascination in LA happenings. Well, perhaps I would also like an explanation as to the current whereabouts of exactly one half of all pairs of socks I own, but there are some things we will never know. But then, maybe the first two sentences in this paragraph were really just a ruse for me wanting to explain my essay prompt, but not wanting to seem too excited about it, so I tried to trick you into thinking it was your idea. Oh, I am so sly. But I tell people about it, so that’s cool.

Anyway…my lil’ bro’ is coming into town for his spring break tomorrow, so I’ve been trying to rack my brain for ideas as to what he might like to do while he’s here for the next week and a half. See, I pretty much only do two things anymore: bowling and karaoke. And sometimes I eat things…(food things)…(things that are food). Obviously I need other ideas – i.e. things that cannot be done in every small town from Washington to Rhode Island.

Current suggestions include trips to: Magic Mountain, Roscoe’s, Amoeba, Roscoe’s, Venice Boardwalk, Roscoe’s & the San Diego Zoo. Additions or deletions to the list are welcome.


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