Amelia Earhart was a childhood hero of mine. Of course by childhood, I refer to a period of time that stretched well into my early twenties...but I'm growing up now.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Can't Bike 55

On Saturday, I took my new bike out on its first errand. I know it sounds very exciting, but really all I did was go Autozone to get a new windshield wiper blade for my truck. Let me tell you, people look at you weird when you try to buy car parts when your only visible form of transportation is the bike you brought into the store with you. The store clerk seemed highly skeptical, like somehow he didn’t believe me. Obviously I look like the kind of shady individual who gets her joys in life by going around buying random single wiper blades for cars she doesn’t own. One would hope that if I did decide to do that, I’d ask for a blade for a Maserati, not a 98 Ford Ranger.

Of course, maybe he just looked at my weird, because I chose to go desert-style on the cool factor by wearing my helmet in the store.


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