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Friday, January 27, 2006

Thoughts for Food (will also do windows)

Operating under the theory that posting a few mildly disturbing non-sequiturs is better than posting nothing at all, I present to you...

Random thoughts:

On a recent tour of the public restrooms along Interstate-90 (the sort of “sight-seating” that inevitably follows a tour of the Starbucks locations along Interstate-90), I saw a toilet paper dispenser named the Executive 3000. Presumably, this is for the discriminating high-powered business mogul who simply cannot be satisfied by the Executive 2000 model.

Does it bother anyone else that, in general, food service workers do not have sick days? This means that those who contract communicable illnesses must either come to work sick or not get paid. I don’t know about you, but a Big Mac with a side of stomach flu, sounds really good right about now.

While watching Dateline the other night, I learned that the ironically named supermarket giant Safeway, leads the industry in average number of critical violations per inspection. I just have to say that I love names for people, things, places, etc. that seem inappropriate on further “inspection.” Does anyone have more (and hopefully better) examples?


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Smart Bomb
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Cardinal Sin of the US Catholic Church (I believe he's Korean).

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