Amelia Earhart was a childhood hero of mine. Of course by childhood, I refer to a period of time that stretched well into my early twenties...but I'm growing up now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

See, I Can Do The Serious Thing Too

A Cold Open

My breath shoots out in short puffs ahead
Creating instant crystals as it hits the frozen air
My feet strike the dirt as mallets on lead
Propelled by frosted ghosts for legs, so numb they could be bare

Up another hill and down, up again
Icy trees with icy needles ringed by icy brush
But this next hill climbs the ridge and then
What a sight breaks upon the barren monotonous

The hill beside alone is clothed in green and melting sun
But the grasses in the field below sparkle like diamonds

Through the shade I have made my dash
Wishing for the solar rays to warm my bones
But now thawing, I see that the winter passed
Is revealed in beauty by the new light shown

Well, I'm out running again. Being exercise, this is, of course, a positive move, and I wish I could say that I'm doing it purely for love of running or of healthy living. Currently though, I hoping that spending more time physically running will keep me from figuratively running. Life in Spokane has been rough so far, and part of me wants to just keep jumping from city to city until I find a place where the sun of luck is shining. But the past week+ has taught me that I have a lot of work to do if I want to get my life in order, and running away is not going to help this winter I've been stuck in disappear any faster. So, I'm going to keep running up the same hills and persevering until I feel the sun again. Maybe then I can look back on this seemingly barren portion of the journey with satisfaction.


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