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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Loose of the Rings

Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, I saw a sign painted on a locksmith van that amused me greatly for two reasons. First, it was just funny: “Support your local locksmith – loose your keys.” Second, the fact that it said “loose” rather than “lose” is not my typo. I love it when I see signs that businesses have taken the trouble to have professionally printed or painted, but apparently did not ask anyone to proofread first. However, the sign as-is inspired me to dream of someday loosing my keys. I’ll take the keys off their ring, climb up to the roof of the eleven story building I work in and liberate them by tossing them out into the air to seek their fortunes. “Fly little keys, fly. Let the sky be your limit. Green Valley is just over that ridge.”

Sorry. As I continue to be frustrated at work, I have been on a job search and recently I have been very interested in an opportunity to teach high school English without an actual credential. Therefore, I have apparently decided to practice by using my blog to pick at English painted on vehicles. Clearly, I should find better uses for my time and leave the locksmiths of the world in peace. Well, I have a new plan. When I get home from work, I have a hankering to pull on my very best pair of khakis and red t-shirt and go mess with people at Target. (You know, telling people the vacuum cleaner bags are in the popular music aisle, that sort of thing). I can’t bring myself to mess with people at my work, so I’ll do it at somebody else’s work.

Funny? Yes. Appropriate? Golly no.

P.S. You are of course welcome to correct my grammar and/or point out typos in my blog entries. Just be forewarned that if you do, I will feel welcome to tell you what I did with your mom last night…what? We played rummy…really. Sheesh.


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