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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Give 'Em Both Barrels

You know what’s better than one screaming baby on your flight when you’ve had three hours of sleep and have to go straight to work when your plane lands? (Aside from the obvious, like pouring battery acid in facial orifices or watching five straight minutes of the NASCAR collectibles hour hosted by Larry the Cable Guy on QVC) Well, yesterday on a flight from Spokane to LA, I found out what is better than a screaming baby: not one, but two screaming babies in adjacent rows (one in front and one behind). Not only do you get wails in stereo, but like howling dogs, as long as one of the two is still in the crying game, the other is not likely to stop. It’s the junior-version of the “my dad’s gun is bigger than your dad’s” conversation that you often hear between five year-old boys (“yeah, my dad has a bazooka”, “er, yeah, my dad has a cannon”, “mine has a tank”, “well, mine has an air craft carrier”), but since these little tykes don’t yet have the ability of speech, they have to one-up each other in a contest of decibel levels and endurance. It's so adorable in an ear-trumpet-shopping-inducing sort of way.

If any of you hear me utter the following words after seeing a cute little one, “aww, lookit da baybeee, wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those around?”, please remind me that I’m probably still not thinking clearly due to lack of sleep and significant blood loss via my ear canals.


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