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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Putting the "Prop" in Appropriate: Part One

I often find in my job that it is good idea to never overestimate people’s knowledge of what is appropriate in a particular situation. I know this sounds rather harsh, but let me give you an example: Every year our office is throws a holiday shindig at an exclusive business club in Downtown LA. Now, this club does not allow jeans to worn by guests (I’m guessing that they might be inclined to look the other way for Donald Trump, but for those not planning growing a bad-toupee-looking monstrosity on their head anytime soon, it’s best buck up and follow the rules). So, one of my yearly holiday tasks is to let people know, as they RSVP, that they should dress nicely for the event. From past experience, we are aware that left to their own devices people may show up in tuxedo t-shirts and beach pants. Surely, I’m exaggerating, you say. Well, perhaps, but I get to write the blog. Not you. So there. *sticks out tongue*

Another interesting task I’m sometimes called upon for at my job is that of tact consultant. Colleagues will tell me that they want to tell another co-worker something difficult in a “nice” way, and so they look to me as residence keeper of the “niceness”. (I know, I don’t understand it either.) Basically this is the difference between saying, “Get the heck away from my project, and by the way, did you know you smell like a Hyena?” or saying, “I know you’ve got a lot of responsibilities on your plate right now, so let me lighten the load by shouldering this project. Oh, and I had a buy-one-get-one free coupon for Glade Plug-ins when I was at Ralphs yesterday, would you like one for your office?”

It’s also a good idea for me to not overestimate my knowledge of what is appropriate in a situation, as I tend to forget that I should not tell people about my gremlin minions who are secretly helping me take over the earth…Oops!

Consider this part one of two. Part two will be up shortly.


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