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Thursday, March 12, 2009

If Life Is a Series of Offices, Why am I in a Cubicle

Is it sad that my profoundest source of positive excitement in life in the past week and a half is the following?

  • Last week, I acquired ½ and ¼ of a wall for my cubicle, so now I have 3 and ¾ of four walls around my deskspace. All I need now is a door and I will feel that I have finally “made it.” I’ve considered bringing in a beaded curtain to suffice for the current orifice. However, the beads would probably require a tuffet, small glass table and a crystal ball. Maybe even a boudoir robe and turban. I think I’ll keep my ¼ wall hole for now

  • As of today, I have two monitors!! If you’ve never worked with ten files at a time, you may not understand how exciting and extra productive that makes my work life. In the short few hours I’ve had this amenity, I’m already starting to wonder how I ever muddled through without it.
This all brings me to reason #11 that I don’t hate Spokane. I love where I work, what I do and the fact that I feel as if my talents and skills are used there. For this, I wish I didn’t hate Spokane.


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