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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

If Nerds were Smurfs I'd be the bluest

The other night, somewhere in between watching my third hour of PBS for the night while working on the nth collage project (this one consists of stamps and postmarks from office mail and will be my first actual decoupage project – ultra cool, right?) and singing along to Eddie Rabbit cassette tape on my walkman while I brushed my teeth (this takes practice) with Harry Potter toothpaste, I realized that I have passed far beyond being a dork.

In the early stages of my self-awareness of the geek that I am, I reveled in feeling unique, perhaps even “eccentric” (I now know that I’ll never have enough money to fit into that category). But more recently, I just begin to scare myself. I start asking myself questions like: “How many sane 23 year olds are scouring the Goodwill bins on a Friday night looking for 80’s country music on cassette?” Only one, yours truly – and this is why I am scared.

Other things scare me, too. When I lived at home, thanks to my immaculately organized mom, I never owned a sock without a mate. After being away from home for about two months, this situation had so radically changed, that I gave up and decided that unless one was a fishnet thigh-high and the other a bobby sock I was just going to wear whatever the first two socks out of the drawer turned out to be. This is fine, and while I tend to get teased about this quite often, outside of job interviews I have never been very concerned about it. The scary part came a couple of weeks ago when I looked down at my feet and realized 3 things: 1) I am wearing two different red & white Christmas socks. 2) Although one is a Santa sock and one has ice skates, they match each other better than either one matches my outfit. 3) It’s May. But then my very first thought upon realizing these things is: “Well at least one of them isn’t the Snowman sock, because that one is purple and blue and that wouldn’t work at all.” Scary.

As if I needed more proof that I am a big nerd, I now have this blog entry to prove it. I am so beyond dork that I don’t even know how to refer to myself (any suggestions?). But I tell people about it. So, yeah, that’s cool.


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