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Friday, June 18, 2004

Welcome to Red TGI Chili's!

So I dressed for work this morning, as per usual, and decided to wear a combination of articles that I had never pieced together in a single outfit till now. I looked in the mirror and thought – as I do with most of my work ensembles – “eh. That’ll do.” I really hate work clothes, so I can’t rate them on level of attractiveness, but rather on the likelihood of being sent home for wearing them.

Anyway, I am wearing a white dress shirt, black vest and tan slacks. And it wasn’t until I arrived at the office today, that I realized that my outfit screams “hostess at a cheesy chain restaurant.” All I need now is a big button tempting guests to:

Try our Farmtastic Fun-tato-skin Fingers!!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday.


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