Amelia Earhart was a childhood hero of mine. Of course by childhood, I refer to a period of time that stretched well into my early twenties...but I'm growing up now.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Cohesion Smohesion

Random thoughts:

I wonder how many women who frequent dating websites are there because they are broke and are just looking for a date for the free dinner?

If you are at work and a superior comments on how nicely you are dressed this generally means:
a) Keep it up. You normally look like a slob
b) Aha, that is a woman! I wasn’t sure since I’ve never before seen it – er, her – in a skirt.
c) I wonder what job interview he/she is sneaking off to at lunch.

Teen movies need less drinking. I saw A Cinderella Story this weekend, and there was no alcohol party scene – hats off to this film!

Hats on to papercuts. Oww!

(but on the positive side) Hats off to having an excuse to wear glow-the-dark Harry Potter band-aids!

Hats on to using brand names as nouns to refer to all brands of a general product. It further cements corporate America’s hold on the minds of the unassuming consumer public by infiltrating our very language. These are our words, people, we should not let them be dictated by the financial muscle of the highest bidder in the advertising wars. (I’ll let you think about that while I sit here eating my kraft dinner and wiping my nose with kleenex).

Hats off to tomorrow being Friday! Wheee! Weekend! Wheee!

Hats on to a cheap blog post. Again. I apologize.