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Thursday, December 02, 2004

We’d like to wish you a Merry, no…Happy, no…Lovely Kwanukamas? (Aw, forget it)

My office is hosting a Holiday Reception this evening for the school’s faculty, staff and friends. Now, it doesn’t shock me that we are not having a “Christmas Party,” but the measures that we have taken to make sure that nobody can accuse us of throwing an event that celebrates any particular holiday are rather amazing. The band will be playing jazz standards. The food (mostly vegetarian) will not be “festive.” Because the decorations are to be SC colored (cardinal and gold), we have to be very careful that there is no green to intermix and make (duh, duh, DUH) red & green. The name badges are generic, the gifts are generic, the hostess ribbons are generic…etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Okay, so really none of this is unusual by current standards, but what gets me is that we even bother to have a Holiday celebration at all. I’m not yet convinced that there is any point to the exercise. It’s like throwing a birthday party without naming a guest of honor, and singing “Happy Birthday To Whom It May Concern,” letting a fan blow out the candles, and giving away the presents guests bring as door prizes.

It really makes you think:
Couldn’t we at least validate parking?